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Laird Red One Camera 3.5mm Mini Audio Input Adapter Cable
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Another exclusive from our Cable Shop Designed for the RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera. 3.5mm Mini Stereo to TA3M 3-Pin Mini XLR audio input cable. The RED One camera features four 3-Pin Mini XLR Lin/Mic inputs recorded at 24-bit 48KHz.This cable allows you to send analog audio to the RED One from a 3.5mm mini stereo audio source.

These cables are hand crafted in our shop featuring Belden 1804A Low Impedance Quad Star cable. Connectors are Switchcraft and Neutrik and the cable is wrapped in Techflex tubing for added protection.

Note: Our Red One Camera audio input cables are for Rev. B Cameras only.

Laird is not affiliated, associated, endorsed or sponsored by, Inc. Red, Red One, Mysterium, Red Epic & Scarlet are registered trademarks of, Inc.

Laird XLR-M to Mini Plug Stereo Analog for Red One Camera Audio Cable - 18 Inch
Weight: 0.1101 lbs.
3 Foot
Weight: 0.1201 lbs.
5 Foot
Weight: 0.131 lbs.
10 Foot
Weight: 0.181 lbs.

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Laird XLR-M to Mini Locking Plug Stereo Analog for Red Camera Cable - 18 Inch
Weight: 0.1351 lbs.
18 Inch
Weight: 0.3401 lbs.
Laird Mini XLR-M to XLR-F Red One Camera Audio Input Cable - 18 Inch
Weight: 0.1931 lbs.

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