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Laird Timecode In Cables Lemo 5-Pin to BNC for Red One Cameras
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Lemo 5-Pin to BNC for Red One Cameras

We have the largest collection in the industry of professional equivalent cables for the Red One, Epic & Scarlet cameras for digital cinema applications. We offer a full complement of broadcast cables,power cables, lens drive cables & command cables for standard and 3D videography. Interface your Red One, Red Epic and Red Scarlet Digital Cinema Camera Gear with professional 3D Rigs! All cables undergo a 100% bench testing procedure and are made of the finest components from Lemo, Hitachi, Belden, Neutrik and more and are designed to meet or exceed manufacturers recommendations. Custom sizes always available!

Laird Brand Digital Cinema Cables are Designed for Professionals who Know the Difference.

  • Custom sizes and configurations always available!


    Laird is not affiliated, associated, endorsed or sponsored by, Inc. Red, Red One, Mysterium, Red Epic & Scarlet are registered trademarks of, Inc.

Red One Timecode In - Lemo 5P to BNC - 18 Inch
Weight: 0.1371 lbs.
1 Foot
Weight: 0.1071 lbs.
2 Foot
Weight: 0.1271 lbs.
3 Foot
Weight: 0.1471 lbs.
5 Foot
Weight: 0.1871 lbs.
7 Foot
Weight: 0.218 lbs.
10 Foot
Weight: 0.278 lbs.

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