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Red One Quick Disconnect Camera-Field Mixer Cable
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For All RED ONE camera owners. This cable functions as a breakaway and adapter all in one. The cable converts the RED connectors TA3 to standard XLR Female. Designed to attach to any standard mixer/recording device with XLR interface. The Breakaway feature allows you keep the cable permanently attached to the RED ONE allowing you to conveniently attach and re-attach the cable as needed. The camera portion that attaches to the RED ONE is 2Ft long.

The RD1-MIX series cables feature self-contained Canare pliable 3 channel triplex cable which is easy to work with. 2-Channel XLR Male to 2-Channel XLR Female audio lines transmit a stereo feed. The third channel returns the headphone feed from the camera to the monitor input of a portable field mixer via a stereo mini connection.

The camera side of the cable contains an additional 3.5mm female end for headset monitoring. Cables are supplied with a multi-pin quick disconnect that permits the cameraman to split from the mixer when the action calls for it.

Red One Quick Disconnect Camera-Field Mixer Cable 15 Ft
Weight: 1.439 lbs.
Red One Camera-Field Mixer Cable 25 Ft
Weight: 10.927 lbs.

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