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Laird CAT6-HDBT-003 Belden 10GX Enhanced Shielded Category 6A 10 Gigabit IP Ethernet Cable - 3 Foot
Get larger image of Laird CAT6-HDBT-003 Belden 10GX Enhanced Shielded Category 6A 10 Gigabit IP Ethernet Cable - 3 Foot

The future backbone of your IT & IP cable infrastructure starts and stops with a Belden Category 6A 10GXS cable built by Laird. The continuing evolution of HDBaseT, HDBitT, DANTE and other similar standards for HD video and Digital Audio IP packetization methods demand the bandwidth of a Category 6A solution. Built Laird tough with Belden 4-pair, 23 AWG UTP copper 10GX cable that exceeds the ANSI/TIA-568-B.2-10 Category 6A standard and is ready for your high speed Local Area Networks (LANs), Server Farms, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and any other heavy data traffic environment.

In addition to its super high bandwidth advantages, the Laird 10GXS saves you up to 25% on space reducing the Rats Nest in your Data Center with its small diameter (0.295 inches!), lightweight and superior flexibility helping you make easy connections in high density applications. Plus, its reduced cross-talk helps protect your data in harsh EMI environments.

Horizontal Cable and RJ45 Category 6a Shielded Modular connectors they are the perfect companion for Cat6a HDBaseT Ethernet Convertors and Extenders as well as being backwards compatible to perform perfectly with existing Cat6/5E components.

Rest easy knowing your signal is always streaming with a Laird CAT6A-HBDT high speed Ethernet Cat6A cable specifically designed for use in your Data Center Installation. Small Diameter, High flexibility, Fully Shielded, that's the Laird CAT6A-HBDT High Speed Ethernet Cat6A Cable!


  • Belden 10GX cable offers higher density and reduced crosstalk
  • Small diameter and flexibility for easier connections
  • Electrical performance beyond Category 6A
  • Backward compatible with Cat6/5e components
  • Rated up to 625 MHz with max distance 328 ft


  • Belden 4-pair, 23 AWG UTP copper 10GX Cables
  • CMR Riser rated Ethernet cable
  • Cable diameter: 0.295 inches
  • Cable weight: 40lb/kft
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 Cat6a Standard
  • Shielded RJ45 Cat6a connectors

3 Foot
Weight: 0.1708 lbs.
6 Foot
Weight: 0.3208 lbs.
10 Foot
Weight: 0.5208 lbs.
25 Foot
Weight: 1.2708 lbs.
50 Foot
Weight: 2.5208 lbs.
75 Foot
Weight: 3.7708 lbs.
 Special Order Item: non-cancelable, non-returnable, non-refundable.
100 Foot
Weight: 5.0208 lbs.
164 Foot
Weight: 8.2208 lbs.
250 Foot
Weight: 12.5208 lbs.
328 Foot
Weight: 16.4208 lbs.

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