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SD-TCD4-01 Laird 5-Pin Lemo to XLR Male & XLR Female Time Code Jamming Cables for Equivalent to Sound Devices XL-LX
SD-TCD1-01 Laird AES3 ID & Word Clock Cable for Sound Devices
SD-TCD3-10 Laird SD-TCD3-10 Sound Devices Time Code Cable Lemo 5-Pin Male to Lemo 5-Pin Male - 10 Foot
SD-TCD2-01 Laird SMPTE 5-Pin to BNC Cable for Sound Devices
XLF-B-1.5 Laird Time Code Cables XLR Female To BNC
XLM-B-1.5 Laird Timecode Cables XLR Male To BNC