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SD-AUD3-01 Laird 3-Pin Female Mini-XLR TA3F to 3-Pin XLR Female Interface Cables for Sound Devices
SD-AUD6-01 Laird 5-Pin Female XLR to Dual 3-Pin XLR Male Balanced Line for Sound Devices Mixers
SD-AUD10-10 Laird Sound Devices 552 TA5F to TA3F Link Cable
SD-AUD2-01 Laird TA3F 3-Pin Female Mini-XLR to Standard 3-Pin XLR Male Cables for Sound Devices - Paired Sets
SD-AUD1-01 Laird TA3F to TA3F 3-Pin Mini XLR Female to Female Mixer Linking or Output Cable for Sound Devices 302 & 442 Audio Mixers