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OEM/Partnership Program

Thank you for your interest in Laird Telemedia's OEM/Partnership Program. This new initiative will serve to expose manufacturers and system integrators of webcasting, streaming, multimedia, presentation, videoconferencing, imaging, broadcast video, professional audio, graphics and animation equipment to Laird Telemedia’s technology and manufacturing capabilities.

For OEMs, Laird Telemedia offers to build-to-spec, private label and custom design products for integration. All current Laird Telemedia products are available in standard or customized packaging, board sets are also available. In addition, Laird Telemedia is actively pursuing co-marketing and partnership opportunities with compatible product lines.

We invite you to contact Mr. Charles Wagor III who is administrating this program. If you would like more information or to discuss a specific product or idea, please feel free to contact him.

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