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Laird Flexible Studio/Remote Triax Cables - Male to Female
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Laird Extra-flexible triaxial camera cables for use in studio, remote, or other portable applications. Made with Gepco LVT61859 Thin Profile RG59 Flexible Triax and Kings Tri-Loc Connectors.


  • Ultra-low Attenuation Precision 75 Ohm Impedance 3GHz Bandwidth Low Structural Return Loss High Velocity of Propagation Flexible Crush Resistant Dielectric Gas-injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric Two Isolated Copper Braids All-weather TPE Master Jacket Conductors: 1 Conductor: 20 AWG Solid BC Insulation (Type, OD): Gas-injected Foam PE, 0.146" Inner Shield: 95% BC Braid Outer Shield: 95% BC Braid Inner Belt: PE Jacket: PVC


  • 1 Year

Laird TNTRI-59MF-50 Gepco LVT61859 RG59 Thin-Profile Flexible Triax Male to Female Cable - 50 Foot
Weight: 5.6524 lbs.

Recommended Accessories

Laird 4855R-B-B-BK-006 Mini-RG59 12G-SDI/4K UHD Single Link BNC Cable - 6 Foot Black
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Weight: 0.1584 lbs.

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