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LAIRD LDC-PWRSPLY 12 / 24 Volt Power Supply
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Power your Sony F23/F35/F65, RED ONE, EPIC or SCARLET or similar Digital Cinema Camera & equipment with 100% confidence with this ultimate AC power supply by Laird Digital Cinema. Built like a tank and with 480 Watts total power it has the muscle to push power to your equipment with the prowess and stability demanding equipment requires in your power sources with Laird's High-Grade/High-Octane 12/24 Volt Direct Current AC Power Supplies. Cabinet Dimensions 10"L x 8"W x 5.25"H, 6 foot AC IEC Cord Included. Switch-Mode separate 12 and 24 (LDC-PWRSPLY) or 15 and 24 (LDC-PWRSPLY-15) volt power supplies are very efficient and extra quiet cooling fans internal and one large exhaust fan keep this unit cool even under stressful situations and in hot shooting locations!


  • All steel cabinet and overbuilt spring loaded handle for years of enduring service
  • 240 Watts of 12 volt power (20 Amps) - LDC-PWRSPLY
  • 240 Watts of 15 volt power (20 Amps) - LDC-PWRSPLY-15
  • 240 Watts of 24 volt power (10 Amps) - LDC-PWRSPLY & LDC-PWRSPLY-15
  • Super Cool... overheating is nearly impossible and keeps voltage output constant and stable
  • User resettable circuit breakers located on the front panel for easy resetting should a short or overload occur
  • Separate 12V & 24V power switches for more control over power output and conserving power if one voltage is not required
  • Two 12VDC 4-Pin XLR Outputs (LDC-PWRSPLY)
  • Two 15VDC 4-Pin XLR Outputs (LDC-PWRSPLY-15)
  • One 24VDC 3-Pin XLR Output (LDC-PWRSPLY & LDC-PWRSPLY-15)
  • One 8-Pin LEMO 12 & 24 VDC Output (LDC-PWRSPLY)
  • One 8-Pin LEMO 15 & 24 VDC Output (LDC-PWRSPLY-15)

LAIRD LDC-PWRSPLY 12 / 24 Volt Power Supply
Weight: 8.9628 lbs.

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