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Laird LDC-HS12XLR 12-Volt Twin Input 4-Pin XLR Power Box
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Laird LDC-HS12XLR 12VDC HOT SWAP BOX Great for Adding Additional 12 Volt Power! Have the option to use two 12 Volt power supplies! Keep two power sources active at the same time & change on over at any time. This auto-sensing hot swap power distribution box will automatically switch to the power supply with the higher voltage with no interruption of power output! Power digital cinema equipment, 3D rigs and more with this handy box, and leave worries about your batteries or other limited power supplies running low in the past. The LDC-HS12XLR follows 12 volt industry standards for 12 Volt connectivity. Twin XLR 4 pin male inputs and a 2-Foot XLR 4 pin female output cable. Dual LEDs simply indicate power is present per each input on the box top. The durable metal cabinet is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and designed to be ruggedized for production environments. The box measures 2.5" X 3.5" X 1.5" and features both a steel belt clip and 1/4-20 threaded insert mount for easy mounting on your camera/equipment rig, or virtually anywhere that's convenient!


  • 1 Year

Laird LDC-HS12XLR 12-Volt Twin Input 4-Pin XLR Power Box
Weight: 0.9596 lbs.

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