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Laird L25CHWS-MBMCV Canare L-2.5CHWS Ultra Slim 12G-SDI Cable Micro-BNC Male to Micro Video Patch Plug
Get larger image of Laird L25CHWS-MBMCV Canare L-2.5CHWS Ultra Slim 12G-SDI Cable Micro-BNC Male to Micro Video Patch Plug

If you're needing a super low profile 12G-SDI BNC cable for your outside broadcast trucks and studio patches, the Laird L25CHWS series sets the gold standard! This series is based on Canare�s L-2.5CHWS 12G coax which is incredibly flexible because of its stranded center conductor. It also features a very slim 0.165" O.D. All of this adds up to a lightweight 12G BNC cable that�s easy to patch in tight spaces.

Note: Canare does not certify this cable as 12G - however Laird independent testing has certified this up to 80 feet


  • Flexible, Lightweight, Thin Canare Coaxial Cable Designed for Repeated Bending
  • Highly-Foamed Insulation for Lower Attenuation
  • High-Density Double-Braided Shield Low Loss Canare BNC Connectors
  • Superior Cable Pull Strength


  • Laird Certified Max Transmission Distance: 80 Feet
  • 24 AWG Canare L-2.5CHWS Cable
  • Jacket: PVC Foam Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Stranded Annealed Copper Center Conductor
  • Dual Tinned Annealed Copper Braid Shields
  • Characteristic Impendence: 75 Ω
  • Nominal O.D.: 0.165 inch
  • Attenuation: 15.1 dB/100 Meters @ 135MHz
  • Connectors: Impedance 75 Ohm
  • ** Laird certified lengths are defined as max transmission where signal integrity remains 100% functional without any CRC errors, your 12G-SDI ST 2082 signals may function at or beyond the manufacturer-certified lengths without issues- however when CRC errors are present there could be drops in audio, video, meta and ancillary data. In most circumstances, video integrity remains intact at OEM distance **


  • 1 Year

Download the L25CHWS-MBMCV Series Datasheet

Laird L25CHWS-MBMCV003 Canare L-2.5CHWS Mini RG-59 12G-SDI Cable - HD-BNC Male to Micro Video Patch Plug - 3 Foot
Weight: 0.1738 lbs.
1 Foot
Weight: 0.1538 lbs.
6 Foot
Weight: 0.2338 lbs.

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