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Laird HDBNC4794-MM01 High Density HD-BNC Male to Male 12G HD-SDI Cable -1 Foot
Get larger image of Laird HDBNC4794-MM01 High Density HD-BNC Male to Male 12G HD-SDI Cable -1 Foot

The Laird HDBNC4794 Series of HD-BNC to BNC male adapter cables are designed for transmitting high resolution uncompressed 12G-SDI / 4K UHD video signals. Ideal for high density jackfields, routers and signal distribution systems where RF performance is critical. The HD-BNC utilizes a bayonet style mating analogous to traditional BNCs for a reliable coupling.

These Laird cables are built with Belden low loss 4794R coax rated for 12G-SDI runs over 300 feet. The cable's new braid design, silver-plated copper conductor, and a new polyethylene formula are all design features that contribute to significant RL improvement and an 8 dB improvement on cable attenuation compared to existing coaxes. Fully compatible with SMPTE ST-2082-1 and ST-2081-1 standards.


  • 12 GHz, 4K UHD Precision 75-Ohm Video Cable
  • Durable 16AWG, Precision Coax Cable
  • 12G SDI Optimized Amphenol BNC Connectors
  • Superior Pull Strength for Secure Connections
  • Meets SMPTE 259, 292, 424, 425, 2081-1, 2082-1 Standards


  • Belden 12G SDI Coax Cable with PVC Jacket
  • Low-Loss Serial Digital 16AWG Cable
  • Insulation: Gas-injected Foam HDPE
  • Conductor: Silver-plated Copper
  • Outer Shield: Duofoil bonded to the Core + Tinned Copper Braid Shield
  • Conductor DC Resistance: 4.000 [email protected]°C(Ohm/1000ft)
  • Outer Shield Resistance: 1.900 [email protected]°C(Ohm/1000ft)
  • Nominal Inductance: 0.091 ΜH/ft
  • Nominal Impedance: 75Ω
  • Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Shield: 15.5 pF/ft
  • Transmission Distance: 12G signals up to 321 feet, 6G up to 471 feet, and 3G up to 686 feet
    Amphenol HD-BNC 75 Ohm Straight Crimp Connectors
  • Durability: 500 Cycles
  • Return Loss: 30 dB [email protected] 3 GHz
  • Voltage Rating: 500VRMS
  • Insulation Resistance: > 10000 MΩ

1 Foot
Weight: 0.054 lbs.
3 Foot
Weight: 0.071 lbs.
6 Foot
Weight: 0.122 lbs.

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