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Laird 3G-SDI DIN1.0/2.3 to BNC Female Video Adapter Cables with Belden 179DT
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3G SDI Amphenol DIN1.0/2.3 to Amphenol BNC Female Video Adapter Cable Featuring Belden 179DT Coax. DIN 1.0/2.3 cables are finding their way into the latest new products in the broadcast market whether it be on a Red One camera or a Harris/ Imagine Communications Selenio X50 and X100 broadcast up/cross/downconverter. There are many advantages to using the DIN technology for high speed and space savings. Some industry brands such as AJA, Nevion, Harris, MIRANDA, 3COM, CISCO and RED ONE to name a few have incorporated these new connectors. Our shop has designed DIN video cables for transmitting 3G-SDI using Amphenol Connex brand DIN1.0/2.3 and Amphenol BNC Female connectors. This series also utilizes Belden 179DT RG179 SDI Mini Coax which is perfect for large bays and ENG trucks because of its light weight and thin design. The first series are designed and function as adapter cables. Very few video monitors and other equipment include DIN type connector interfaces at this time. These simply convert the DIN to a BNC Female for quick-patch connection.


  • 1 Year

Laird DIN179DT-BF-1 Belden 179DT RG179 3G-SDI DIN 1.0/2.3 to BNC Female Video Adapter Cable - 1 Foot
Weight: 0.0564 lbs.
3 Foot
Weight: 0.0724 lbs.
6 Foot
Weight: 0.0964 lbs.
10 Foot
Weight: 0.1284 lbs.
15 Foot
Weight: 0.1684 lbs.
25 Foot
Weight: 0.2484 lbs.

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Weight: 0.1708 lbs.

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