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Coaxial Patch Cords 24in. ORANGE
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Canare video patch cords are the perfect complement to our 751/2 video patchbays. Assembled with Canare L-4CFB Digital Video Coaxial Cable. Precisely cut to length, super flexible and available in a variety of colors including Red, Green and Blue for component analog systems. All video patch cords come with a special rubber boot to ensure extra long life reliability. Patch cords are supplied in Black, Red, Blue, Green and 6 other colors are available at no extra charge. Specify when you order.Please note that colors WE,BN,GY,OE Will be made with the Canare LV-61S cable

  CC-1074N OE
Coaxial Patch Cords 24in. ORANGE
Weight: 0.192 lbs.

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