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HIPWR-X4-MF-7 Laird 4-Pin XLR Male to 4-Pin XLR Female Heavy Duty High Power Cables
HIPWR-X4-MM-3 Laird 4-Pin XLR Male to Male 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Power Cables
HIPWR-X4-MF-10C Laird Heavy Duty 4-Pin XLR-M To 4-Pin XLR-F 16AWG High Coiled Power Cables
HIPWR-X4-FCJ-5C Laird Heavy Duty XLF4 to Cigarette Jack High Power Cables
HIPWR-X4-MCJ-5C Laird Heavy duty XLM4 to Cigarette Jack High Power cables
HIPWR-X4-MM-5C Laird Heavy Duty XLM4 to XLM4 High Power Cables
XLM4-XLF4-3C Laird Power Cable XLR 4-Pin Male to Female Sony KD Equivalent
XLM4-XLF4-1.5 Laird XLR Power Cables Equivalent To Sony KD 4-Pin XLR Male To 4-Pin XLR Female